Institution of Engineers of Ireland -
Introduces the IEI, the professional body representing all branches of engineering in Ireland.

Features Alcock and Brown and the pioneering work at Shannon Airport.
  History of Engineering at
NUI, Galway

Traces the development of the engineering faculty since 1849.
    Shannon Hydroelectric

Features a pictorial record of the largest project undertaken in the state.

Tells the stories of 7 engineers from the past, including Alice Perry, possibly the first woman in the world to graduate as an engineer.

    Wind Energy
Traces the development of wind energy in the West, including the first Irish windfarm at Belacorrik.
  Waterways of Galway
Outlines the major engineering works to construct the waterways, which were a major influence on the location of the first industries in Galway.

    Golden Gate Bridge
Records an outstanding realised
vision by a Galway graduate.
  Roads to the West
Includes examples of the development of the road infrastructure in the west.

    Engineering in Industry
Demonstrates the significant role of
engineers in industrial development.
  Portumna Bridge
Examines the building of the portumna bridge across the Shannon to the West.
    Engineering in the Gaeltacht
Features engineering in the development of industry in the Gaeltacht.


Water Supply
Traces the development of water supply projects in the West.

    Digital and Engineering in
the West

Records the impact of Digital in the
advancement of the technology base of the west.

Celebrates the development of railways in West Galway and Mayo.

Engineering and the

Outlines the relationship between
engineering and the environment.

Traces the development of
telecommunications from the Marconi Wireless Station at Clifden in the early 1900s.

    Offshore Engineering
Demonstrates how a Galway based
company can operate on the international stage.
        Medical Device Engineering
Highlights that Galway is now regarded as a centre of excellence in Medical Device Engineering.