Here is the story of 7 engineers from the past with connections to Galway and NUI, Galway, including Alice Perry, possibly the first woman, in the world, to graduate as an engineer, and Michael O'Shaughnessy, chief engineer on the San Francisco Water-Supply and Electric Power Scheme. Each name links to more information on these renowned engineers with a Galway connection.


Michael "Chief" O'Shaughnessy, B.E. (1864-1934)
"Chief" O'Shaughnessy, a Galway engineering graduate, was appointed City Engineer of San Francisco in 1912 and he held this office until his retirement in 1932.

Alice Perry, (1885-1969)
Alice Jacqueline Perry was the first woman to graduate with a degree in engineering in Ireland or Great Britain, and it is possible that she is the first woman to graduate as an engineer anywhere in the world

Thomas McLaughlin, (1896-1971)
In December 1923, McLaughlin took up a position with the firm of Siemens-Schuckert in Berlin. While he was there he came up with the plan for hydroelectric power generation on the river Shannon.

Alexander Nimmo, (1783-1832)
Some of the more notable projects undertaken by Alexander Nimmo include the building of many piers around the Galway coastline, the founding of the village of Roundstone and the development of the carriage road from Oughterard to Clifden.

William Bindon Blood, Professor of Civil Engineering (1850-1860)
A graduate of Trinity College Dublin Prof. Bindon Blood took up the post of Professor of Civil Engineering at Queen¹s College Galway in 1850.

Edward Townsend, Professor of Civil Engineering (1860-1910)
Edward Townsend, a graduate from Trinity College in 1852, established his links with Galway through his interest in railways. He was one of the designers of
the Clifden to Galway railroad project.

Frank Sharman Rishworth, Professor of Civil Engineering (1910-1946)
Frank Rishworth, a native of Tuam, Co. Galway, was a student of Professor Townsend in Galway, graduating in 1898. In 1910 he followed in the footsteps of his former professor in Galway.